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Hello, my name is Alejandro, and this is my first post. I consider myself a good buyer because of how obsessive I can be when looking for information to know how to choose my products. I wanted to share my experience in the field with the aim of advising all those who are not so selective and obtain a product that meets your needs at a consistent price. As it has happened to all of us, I made mistakes by shopping in a hurry, without experience and letting myself be carried away by my emotions, now that I have learned, every time I go to buy something, the following doubts arise, it may seem exaggerated, but they are important factors to consider . Obviously I don't ask myself these questions when buying bread or milk….

I try to be as objective as possible, all the opinions expressed are personal.


If it is known naturally, it indicates the history and reputation of a company, it gives you confidence in both quality and after-sales service. With this I am not saying that you buy only products from recognized brands, there are also products from unrecognized brands that have hit the nail on the head, but for that you should investigate about the performance they have had, since when they are not recognized you have no idea what that you are going to find, they can work well for a week, or for 10 years. You don't know and there is no way to know. Remember that the seller will always guarantee that you can use it 1 kilometer underwater and that it is extraterrestrial engineering to sell you anything.


It is always good to evaluate what the competition can offer since the brands fight to attract the same customers which makes products have almost the same characteristics, look for the one that suits you most practically the same value.


Durability is directly associated with this factor, also resistance in the event of being an object that receives blows or hard work, you should always give priority to metal, nylon and resins, you also have to consider if what you buy will be in constant rubbing with your hands, fabric or some material, if this is painted it will lose its color due to friction.

Prices and ranges

This is directly linked to your budget. The higher the range, the higher the value, but by investigating the ranges in detail you can realize that the differences may occur due to characteristics that you may never need. Now if you have no limits, you can give yourself the luxury of high ranges.

Country of manufacture

Like the brand, this data also gives you confidence and an idea of ​​the quality of what you are buying, personally I prefer products made in the USA, Japan and Germany, but this is not always possible. Either for the price since I am not rich, or simply because the products have origins in other countries.


They should not confuse Made in china with assembled in china, a Chinese quality control is not the same as a European or American quality control, I say this because most of the products are made in china, but with guidelines of American, European brands or other countries, therefore there are very good Chinese products and very bad Chinese products.

Common failures

This is a very important point to consider, as most buy without asking this question. And although it may seem pessimistic, starting with this question when choosing a new product will save you from various headaches.

It is important to ALWAYS look for common failures in your search engine, this way you can see if the item has been defective from the factory or if there is a considerable group of buyers who have experienced the same thing.

Going a little deeper into the subject, there is the possibility of avoiding defective products that at first glance are the same, but have different serials, these serials usually contain data such as; Manufacture date, place of manufacture, plate model, batch, among others. Something I do at the cost of endless anxiety is to wait a year after a new product like a console or camera comes out, the idea is to wait for common flaws to appear in that year and wait for companies to make the appropriate hardware corrections. to correct them, this is more common than you think. Do you remember the Samsung Note 7 exploding? It passed all the hardware tests before being released to the market, the same happened with the Xbox 360 with the constant overheating that made it unusable. Only the use in real conditions brought to light the failures of these equipment, forcing companies to modify them and release new versions, being on the outside exactly the same product with the same functions, but with modifications inside that improved performance and improved performance. new code on the tag.


One of the things I commonly do is check the compatibility of other brands' products with mine, as they could offer better results, greater durability, considerably cheaper. This does not happen in all cases, but it never hurts to do a little research.


To see compatibility issues you should not trust what the box says, the compatibility limitations may not always be, so I recommend entering the manufacturer's page, download manuals and read them, so you can ensure the compatibility of what you need, In addition, in case of being compatible you will have to evaluate if the result meets your expectations since being compatible does not guarantee optimal performance of both, this commonly happens with computer hardware and the famous bottlenecks. Or the connections of computers or consoles to televisions, although both have HDMI, the TV can have very long input lag times, which will make the gaming experience not the desired one. If you have any questions send me an email and I can recommend a product.

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