Conversion from REVO 3.3 to E Revo 2.0

Hello, a few years ago I got a REVO3.3 that after a while when I broke the engine I converted to electric, later I have been making modifications to improve it and add the new differentials of the E REVO 2.0 and thus give a second life to my car.

I bought it around 2010, I decided to buy this car for its construction, I found the chassis and suspension very interesting, I really loved it and I still love it, once the engine broke due to wear and tear I decided to convert it to electric because of the power the speed of answer and forget about the expense and complications of nitro. I like nitro cars, but I don't have the patience to deal with carburetion and failure. I like to load connect and run.

Once converted to electric with some parts I made for the battery and the engine I decided to leave the 2-speed reverse transmission and brake system intact. I wanted to keep the braking system to save battery since braking with the servo and the disc consumes less energy than braking directly with the motor, and it also stays cooler.

The transmission did not touch it either, since the second speed gives me more final speed, although noting the force it has in the first gear sometimes I doubt if it will really be necessary to have the transmission with 2 speeds, although it works very well with the proper tension for to change the speed when the first one is running short so it does not change every now and then but on long straights. Currently I have it with a 14 tooth sprocket and 38 spur gear. Although everything works perfect with 40 minute times with 3300 Mah batteries there is only one piece that has not fully supported the torque generated by the motor and they are the rear differentials, I changed differentials on 3 occasions breaking them at exactly the same point (where the axis of the satellites goes in the plastic housing of the differentials), as I took more care of my way of driving these lasted a little longer but always ended up breaking, Once the REVO 2.0 came out with larger differentials and better construction I decided to adapt them to my REVO. the main problem with this is the bulk of the new bulkhead, the rest the exterior dimensions are fortunately the same as the old REVO. This package is necessary to house the largest differential inside.

Once having the bulkhead in my hands I proceeded to measure to make the holes in the aluminum chassis so that they fit. Lubricate the bulkhead with a little oil to prevent the glue from sticking to the plastic. right where it fits with the chassis and place flush epoxy moldable glue as if it were the chassis, cover different holes with cardboard to prevent the glue from entering those holes and create an almost perfect mold, it was important to get to the part of the screws the glue, as these will serve as a guide when we place the template on the chassis. Once placed, I marked the aluminum with something sharp and proceeded to open the holes with a drill and then I enlarged them to the mark with a metal file. Everything fits perfectly. I just need to buy the rest of the pieces to finish assembling the bottom part. I will leave a couple of photos of the chassis as it is and as it looks assembled unfortunately I have no photos of the process of taking the mold. But since it is a complicated task because it requires a bit of precision, I decided to make a 3d design that fits perfectly, just to print it and make the mark. In addition to this I have designed some simple pieces that are necessary for the perfect fit of some pieces. which I describe below.

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The rear bulkhead, on the bottom has 2 holes where it joins the piece that covers the gimbal in REVO 2.0 and where an aluminum piece is fixed in REVO 3.3, in my case note that these are not at the Same height as the original REVO 3.3 bulkhead and has a 1.5mm spacing. I made a couple of pieces that fit into the bulkhead making it the correct height.

At the front in one of the chassis holes fits a small piece, this comes with part number TRA5330 that holds the screw that holds the front tower bracket. The original part does not work since it is very large and will prevent the bulkhead of revo2.0 from entering so design a part with the correct size to fit it.

A curious case that occurred to me was in the front bulkhead there is a piece that goes between the lowest part and the highest part, the part number is TRA5343 this supports 2 pins that support the front lower arms, I found that there is a separation of 1.5mm. I am using the address pieces and this bracket from my old REVO, I searched the internet and in the manuals and in the parts scan and they have the same code, I sent an email to TRAXXAS and they told me that this piece has always been the same as it has not been modified. As I did not find a solution I made a couple of pieces that raise the arc those 1.5mm that I need. If anyone really knows what happened I would like to know.

And the last simple modification was to file the front tower a little so that it did not collide with the differential, I was able to buy a REVO 2.0 tower but I did not want to wait. The part number is TRA5314

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