Radio for car or boat

Radio control or remote control station allows you to control a model, such as a car, an airplane, or any radio controlled model in general. A station communicates with the model through an antenna and is with the model's signal receiver.

One of the characteristics that limit the possibilities of a station is the number of channels. cars can work perfectly with 2 channels, one for accelerating and braking and one for steering.

In principle each channel controls a servo, however several servos can be combined to share functions. A V-tail aircraft will use the tail ailerons to both turn and raise or lower the nose. Some helicopters also use three servos together to combine the collective and cyclic pitch functions. In this way the efforts are divided among three.


On the other hand, in motor racing with 2 channels it is enough, allowing to accelerate, brake and reverse with one channel and with the other to govern the direction of the radio controlled car. In ship modeling generally 2 channels are also used, although more can be used.

There are different broadcast systems in AM, FM and 2.4ghz and different encoding methods for PCM and PPM. The 2.4 GHz system receives almost no interference. Currently, the most modern systems allow free channels to be negotiated so as not to interfere between several cars or airplanes.In the event of interference, control can be lost and the car or plane can be destroyed and people can be injured.

Currently radio control stations have become widespread in the emission of the 2.4Ghz frequency, this frequency works totally differently from the old ones that used a crystal with a fixed frequency, these more modern ones broadcast in a wider band called DSS (Dynamic Distribution spectrum) also used by the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi standard.

Parts of a radio controller


The antenna is responsible for dispersing the signal, it must always be deployed to have the best possible signal


This fulfills the function of accelerator and brake, if you press it the car will accelerate and if you move it forward the car will brake.

Steering wheel

This will give the address to the car.

Trim throttle

Sometimes our car will be slightly accelerated or braked, moving this knob or button we can correct these problems with very small graduations.

Trim steering

Our car sometimes will not go in a straight line since the rough roads are slightly crossed for either side. moving this knob or button we can center the direction so that the car goes in a straight line

Steering limiter

Some controls bring this function to view others not so much, this is used to limit the angle of crossing of the car.

Channel selector

This is used to select a particular channel and invert or change or trim it.


This little bulb will indicate if the transmitter and receiver are linked.

Extra functions

Some controls have buttons or knobs that fulfill certain specific functions of some models, for example.

Traxxas revo 3.3

This has a button to place the recoil in the car, having a combustion engine can record the recoil through a servo that is connected to the transmission.

Traxxas TRX-4
Traxxas TRX-6

Traxxas Summit

These cars have several switches for 2 functions that are made by servos that move mechanisms.

One is to record the second speed of your streams since they come with a slow speed to make the tracker.

Another is to lock the differentials, in this way all 4 wheels will turn in the same direction at the same time.

Team Losi 1/10 22S Maxxis 2WD SCT RTR

This car like other Losi vehicles come with an integrated stability system called Spektrum AVC that keeps the car in a straight line by controlling the direction, the controls have a knob to control the degree of correction of the car. Traxxas and other brands also have similar systems.

Rustler 4X4 VXL:

This car like other Traxxas vehicles come with an integrated stability system called Traxxas TSM that keeps the car in a straight line by controlling the direction, the controls have a knob to control the degree of correction of the car.

In case you are interested, here is the list of mentioned cars.

trx 6.JPG

Traxxas trx-6


  • 6x6

  • Diferencial bloquearle

  • Transmisión de 2 velocidades

  • Incluye luces.


Traxxas trx-4


  • 4x4

  • Diferencial bloquearle

  • Transmisión de 2 velocidades

  • Incluye luces.

team losi.JPG

Team Losi 22S Maxxis 2WD SCT 


  • 4x2

  • Motor brushless

  • Transmisión con engranajes metálicos

  • Incluye AVC


Rustler 4x4 VXL


  • 4x4

  • Motor Brushless

  • Se endereza solo cuando se voltea

  • Incluye TSM

  • Instagram